A celebration of Wrexham's rich, vibrant and diverse culture.


Multiple venues across Wrexham

17-19 Sept, 2020

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The Road to Wrexfest

The Road to Wrexfest is a series of gigs, seminars and workshops aimed at helping local bands and artists with their development and careers in the music industry.

These will take place from October 2018 – September 2019 climaxing with a series of performances at Wrexfest 2019. Wrexfest will work closely with Wrexham promoters HOUSE of LUX to deliver these.

These shows will be professionally recorded and filmed providing the acts with access to promotional material.

The shows will not be limited to Wrexham and Wrexfest will work with the Performing Rights Society (PRS) and The Arts Council of Wales (ACW) to showcase these acts nationally using gig swaps with other national acts and promoters to build audiences.

Workshops will also take place in the run up to Wrexfest 2019.

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