David Baden Sailsbury

Artisic Director

Dave Salisbury started with Wrexfest in 2015 and has been part of the team ever since.

Dave worked as artist liason for many years booking acts and shaping the line up.

Dave is an integral part of the Wrexham music scene. He has always championed original music and has a talent for picking out fresh talent. He has swam against the tide in the Wrexham arts scene, putting the oromotion of art and diversity over everything else.

He now runs the magic brewery tap, an open secret of a venue the only one in Wrexham presenting original music week in week out. With his hard work and passion he is quickly bringing what is underground into the mainstream

Dave Gray

Creative Director

2013 was a pivotal year for the Wrexham arts scene.

Our first Wrexfest was held on Llwyn Isaf in July and in the same month Dave Gray got the keys to a large unused retail on Regent Street which was quickly transformed into an arts pop venue called undegun.

Undegun quickly grew into arts studios, a gallery and a live venue.

HOUSE of LUX was formed by members of Wrexfest and some other individuals with a mission to bring high quality new music to Wrexham.

Undegun became HOUSE of LUX’ home for the next six years showcasing many Welsh, UK and international acts some of which have gone onto achieve worldwide success.

The partnership with Undegun was a marriage made in heaven. Dave Gray and his team brought high quality art installations to the building whilst HOUSE of LUX provided the music bringing new music to the arts.

All this got rolled into the evening shows for Wrexfest with Dave Gray effectively becoming festival manager for the next six years steering the good ship Wrexfest through choppy seas but always getting us to our destination.

Following the disillusion of Undegun, Dave Gray continues to mentor and support the festival, and work as an adviser to the creative team.

Dave Gray

Kevin Steen

Marketing and Media Officer

Kevin is Wrexham born and bred; passionate about both music and football, two of the cities’ hottest properties. A homebird at heart but a well travelled festival veteran which a sense of perspective
After being involved in the Wrexhsm music scene for several years, Kevin felt that a new approach was needed post COVID and began the Wrexham Events Guide (WEG).
WEG launched as a gig listings website at FOCUS Wales 2021 to wide spread acclaim.
Aimed at being more than just a gig guide WEG has spawned a widespread community of promoters and venues all working together to positively promote Wrexham’s vibrant cultural landscape.
WEG now boasts 2500 unique visitors per month across all platforms and is the number 1 destination for gig news in Wrexham and surrounding areas.
We have every confidence that our partnership with WEG can take both parties to the next level.