A SERIES of gigs and shows were held over the Summer on THE ROAD TO WREXFEST.

The shows were held at Bellevue Park, Wrexham and were a joint venture between Wrexfest and The Friends of Bellevue. There were also aftershow parties at The Royal Oak pub and Undegun Arts Space.

One of the Wrexfest organisers, Brendan Griffiths said; “The Road of Wrexfest shows gave us a great opportunity to bring some original free music to the local community as well as support the park’s cover band shows. “All the shows were packed out and well supported by the people of Wrexham”.

The shows were as follows:

Friday 21st June - Delta Radio Band plus The Columbians
Friday 28th June - Dinosaur
Friday 5th July - Thunderbug
Friday 12th July - Baby Brave plus Alpha Chino

Watch this space for announcements about this year’s shows ahead of Wrexfest in the Summer.

In 2019 Wrexfest held a special celebration for World Peace Day and will be back for a series of events in 2020.